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When we’re kids, the world tells us to dream big, but as we grow older, the world tells us to shrink—to be practical, take the safe route. At Co.create, we still dream like kids. We’re just kids who have the experience to execute like pros.

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Anthony Rudolf, Partner

Anthony is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and hospitality pro with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, including running operations for Chef Thomas Keller and Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in New York. He co-founded The Welcome Conference in 2014 and Co.create NYC in 2016.


Since anything is possible, I’m going to . . .

Watch his . . .

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Sandra Di Capua, Partner

Sandra got her professional start in the restaurant industry working in the dining room at Eleven Madison Park. After quickly rising through the ranks from coat check to maitre d’ and project manager, she met Anthony and together they started Co.create NYC. Her dream is to bring big ideas to life. (And to open a kosher taqueria.) 

Since anything is possible, I’m going to . . . travel the world with my husband, daughter, and Co.create family, learning about how different cultures parent and play, and how they experience food.



Kara Bargmann, Chief of Staff

A New Jersey native, Kara has studied art all over the world—mainly in Nova Scotia, Canada and a 2-year stint in London, England. She's now excited to be working at Co.create, using her art background to problem solve a wide variety of untypical tasks.

Since anything is possible, I’m going to . . .



Kiyomi Dong, Director of Brand Copy

Kiyomi has been dreaming up stories since the first grade but got her resume-worthy chops writing for the likes of Eleven Madison Park, Tommy Hilfiger, Kiehl’s, Lafayette 148 New York, NEST Fragrances, and now the family of Co.create brands. She has an MFA in poetry and is currently working on publishing a collection of her work.

Since anything is possible, I’m going to . . .